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Ensuring your needs are met

Spousal support or alimony can be a contentious issue in divorce. The legal process can make it even more so. At Help-U-File Family Law in Sacramento, we will help you with the legal process and documents so you can concentrate on negotiating an agreement you can live with.


Help-U-File is a first-of-its-kind family law facility that helps you file your own divorce papers — at about a third or less of the cost of the traditional legal process. By taking the lawyer out of the process, we can also help make the process less adversarial.

California courts may offer two types of spousal support or alimony:

* Temporary spousal support, which is paid before the divorce judgment. Temporary alimony is based on the income of both parties (which must be accurately disclosed) and is calculated using a computer.

* Permanent spousal support, which is paid after the divorce is final. Permanent alimony is based on 14 factors that the court will consider, such aslength of the marriage, the difference in income between the parties, and whether one party stayed home to care for children.

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