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Easing the Burden of Divorce

The process to end a marriage and divorce starts with filing a Petition, along with some other forms, depending on your situation.  The Petition gives the court names of the parties and children involved, tells some statistical facts about the marriage, and is a type of list of items you would like out of the divorce.  Attachments or other papers are needed to tell the court about children and property if any.


In most cases, how the court decides issues will be very predictable because there is an act called the Family Law Act which has been in place for more than forty years.  In that time, the courts have seen almost every possible situation, and have published decisions that answer most questions. We at Help-U-File are well aware of this Act and do our best to make sure that the outcomes you hope for are accomplished.

The parties to divorce need to resolve issues such as support, property division, and custody of children.  Support for children (and temporary alimony) is determined through a computer program that looks at the number of children, time spent with each parent, and the incomes of the parents.  If the parties have no agreement, these issues, along with custody and visitation, will be resolved on a temporary basis early in the process through a Request for Order hearing.  Those orders last until the court enters the Judgment, and the Judgment will resolve those issues finally.  (Of course, ongoing orders usually can be modified when circumstances change.)


To resolve property issues, the parties must provide relevant information to each other, and then file a Declaration with the court that they have done so.  Almost 95% of divorce cases in Sacramento end by default or agreement, even though more than two-thirds do not use attorneys at all.


Help-U-File processes between five and ten percent of all “uncontested” divorce judgments in Sacramento County, so you can rely on our experience.

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