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Dear Help-U-File:

Is it legal for my fiance's ex to ask for my income and financial information? My fiance has been trying to finish his divorce since 2013.  It was a short marriage (3 years) but she's been elaborately stalling. He and I have been engaged since 2015, and she keeps asking him to resubmit financial documents. They were married a short time, they have only one small child and really no assets to divide. Now I’m pregnant, and I'm afraid she's never going to allow him to get divorced. She's admitted to refusing to move forward out of jealousy. She's even left town for 5 months right in the middle of proceedings to avoid moving forward.  She's now asking for my financials. Can she get child support from me as well? I can't believe she can have this much power. There must be a way (bifurcation?) to get this divorce finalized.

Help-U-File’s answer:

To answer the second question first, yes, your fiancee can get single easily and quickly by filing a Request for Orders to “bifurcate” the issue and separate out marriage status from the other issues.  (Most of the time that will be a problem only if he is providing health insurance to her through his work. If she loses her insurance, he might have to buy it for her until their divorce is final.) The first question is easier - no, you are not liable to support his child under any circumstances - your money does not count for anything with the court unless he was trying to get alimony from her.  Here at Help-U-File, we have attorneys who provide real answers to legal questions like these, as part of helping you navigate through the process.

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