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The key to a level playing field. Hiring an attorney to deal with your ex's

Dear Help-U-File:

Would it be a good idea to negotiate myself with my spouse’s lawyer for settlement outside court before my lawyer gets involved? My spouse left me and filed a restraining order with false accusations. She has been granted spousal support and I have filed divorce. I have emailed her lawyer for a 1 sided non-CLETS agreement (because they wouldn't agree to mutual non-CLETS). Her lawyer said he would talk to his client. A week later he is willing to discuss possible settlement for restraining order and divorce.

Help-U-File's response:

Fast answer: NO, do not try to bargain with the attorney yet. For lay persons, bargaining with lawyers is like bringing a knife to a gunfight, and you already have signs that your ex is not interested in playing fair, because she put you at a big disadvantage by falsely accusing you of domestic violence. Since things are going her way, you will have a very hard time getting any kind of relief from her or her attorney. You should seek competent legal advice to assert your rights and interests so as to put some pressure on her. You may or may not need a lawyer, but you need a professional assessment of your situation. Interview several attorneys before you decide. Help-U-File can evaluate your situation; we offer help with doing it yourself, or we can provide limited or full service legal representation from one of our attorneys.

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