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Make your EX comply with court orders

Dear Help-U-File:

Can I take my ex back to court over him not paying the credit card debt?  In the marriage settlement my ex took responsibility for the credit card debt on our joint account, which states me as the primary. He hasn't paid, and it's now with debt collections against me.

Help-U-File’s answer:

Yes, you can.  This comes up often, and courts can issue orders that fix the situation by ordering him to pay you directly whatever you had to pay because he did not.  That order can include the costs of bringing it to court, the costs of collecting if he tries to avoid it, and you can collect interest on what he owes you at the legal rate, 10% per year, if he delays payment.  At Help-U-File, we draft Requests for Orders to get that kind of relief, and take care of all the details, including drafting paperwork that will make it clear to the court that you are right. Because these are attorney-backed services, you are entitled to ask the other party to repay you all of our costs.  Also, when you have that order, you can show it to the credit reporting agencies if you have any bad credit notes, and they may remove the black marks.

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