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Dear Help-U-File:

Divorce with no CHILDREN and he’s in Mexico?  We were legally married, but we separated in 2014.  I have kids but they aren’t his. He left to Mexico in November 2016.  I have no idea where in Mexico he is, and we have no communication. How do I get a divorce?

Help-U-File’s answer:

He can be served by publication or posting, even if you can’t find him.  If you qualify for a fee waiver, the court has a procedure to serve him by posting a notice on a bulletin board at the court.  If you do not qualify, you will have to publish in a newspaper (the little shopper weekly papers are the least expensive by far).  Either way, you will have to show the court you did all the things they want you to do to try to find him. Here at Help-U-File, we have access to national search databases and we regularly assist people in this situation.

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