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Help-U-File Your Paternity Case in Sacramento

If unmarried parents need to establish the paternity of a child, the legal process is relatively straightforward thanks to DNA testing. Related issues such as child support, child custody and visitation can also be resolved without a drawn-out legal process.

At Help-U-File Family Law in Sacramento, we will help you with the legal process and documents of a paternity case at about a third or less of the cost of hiring an attorney to represent you. We will:

* Arrange for DNA testing that will be accepted by the court
* Determine how much child support you are obligated to pay or entitled to receive
* Prepare a child custody and visitation agreement that will help the unmarried father remain a part of his child’s life
Saving You Time, Money and Stress

The traditional legal process, in which each side is represented by a lawyer, consumes resources that would be better spent supporting your child. Help-U-File Family Law is a first-of-its-kind family law facility that helps do-it-yourselfers handle their own paternity cases.

Help-U-File uses experienced, state bar certified professionals to guide you through the legal process. We will prepare all of the necessary legal documents that protect your rights and meet the requirements of California law.

For more information: Call Help-U-File at 916-454-4900 or simply drop in at our office. We are conveniently located across the street from the Ridgeway Law Center in Sacramento. We are open the same hours as the courthouse and offer free parking.

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