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Child Support Orders

Child Support Orders

Child support should be about supporting your children — not your lawyer. At Help-U-File Family Law in Sacramento, we will guide you through the process of determining your child support payments at about a third or less of the cost of hiring an attorney to represent you.

Help-U-File is a first-of-its-kind family law facility that helps you file your own family law documents such as child custody and visitation agreements and child support orders. We offer advice, assistance and document preparation services.
In California, child support payments are based on four numbers:

* The number of children you have (including children you support from a prior marriage)
* Your income
* The other parent’s income
* The percentage of time your child lives with you

Your income must be stated accurately. While you can take certain deductions from your income, those deductions will be revealed to the court in your financial affidavit. Therefore, they have to be accurate.Family Law Attorney

Help-U-File Family Law uses experienced, trained, state bar certified professionals to help you take advantage of all deductions to which you are legally entitled. Once we have all the numbers, we feed those into a computer program that will generate the amount of your child support payment.

We offer a free child support analysis at our office across the street from the Ridgeway Law Center in Sacramento.
Child Support Modifications

Help-U-File can also help you file the papers necessary to modify child support if your financial situation changes after your divorce.

For more information: Call Help-U-File at 916-454-4900 or simply drop in at our office. We are conveniently located across the street from the Ridgeway Law Center in Sacramento. We are open the same hours as the courthouse and offer free parking.

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