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Our Family Law Staff

The people make the company.  At Help-U-File people are the driving force that creates satisfied customers. Below are backgrounds of our current staff.


Support Staff

You may not get much face to face with these people but they are workers behind the scenes!

Michelle Coulombe

DSC_0084Position: Michelle Coulombe has been Help-U-File’s Office Manager for five years.  Her duties include daily interaction with customers, training new employees, and overall supervision of office operations.

Education: Michelle is proud of how customers react when their problems are resolved through Help-U-File’s services.  She maintains customer satisfaction and office productivity by ensuring that documents are sent to court efficiently and that cases progress in a timely manner.

Interests: Michelle currently attends American River College in order to become a paralegal and to expand her legal knowledge to further assist customers.  In her free time, Michelle likes to spend time with her family, with whom she is very close, and her friends.


Chris Perez


Position: Chris Perez is Help-U-file’s finance and marketing manager.  He is detail-oriented and precise, ensuring that funds are handled correctly and that any financial questions are addressed promptly and accurately.

Education: Chris, a native of Sacramento, graduated from CSU, Sacramento in the fall of 2014 with a degree in Business Administration, with concentrations in marketing and entrepreneurship.  Now that he has graduated with an undergraduate degree he plans to enter a graduate studies program focusing on law or business, or both.

Interests: In his limited spare time, Chris enjoys photography, sports, and working on his classic 1967 Mustang.


Julann Mcanlis


Position: Julann is Help-U-file’s front desk receptionist. She is hardworking, professional and courteous when answering calls and is happy to help you set appointments and greet you when you walk in. She does all of this with a wonderful smile on her face!

Education: She has her Bachelor’s in behavioral science at National University and has many years of experience working with people in a variety of settings including ministry, vocational rehabilitation counseling, private security, and sales.

Interests: In her free time, she enjoys the best of home life which includes reading, gardening, cooking and baking for her husband and three children!




Interview Staff


Debbie Spray

DSC_0105Position: Debbie is a law clerk who prides herself on the ability to detect and solve her customers problems.  She has the knowledge and know how to quickly reach the goal so that you can move on with your life.

Education: Debbie earned her Master of Science in Law from University of the Pacific Mcgeorge School of Law. She has over fifteen years of diverse management experience, with specific focuses in non-profit administration and operations management.

Interests: In her free time you can find her hiking in the Sierra’s or riding bikes along the river with her family.